Getting Started


I’m very excited to be making my first blog post. I’m taking advantage of some downtime to finally get this project off the ground after ages of procrastination.

 Focus of the Blog

The focus of this blog will be on interesting  new ideas and concepts in training and learning. Topic areas I have in mind include informal learning and tools for supporting it, MOOCs in higher education, augmented reality tech like Google Glass, commercially available VR tech like Oculus Rift, Natural User Interface (NUI) tech such as MS Kinect, gamification in learning and training, and new standards like Tin Can API.

Posts will probably go in a few different directions:

  • Ideas about how new technologies can be used in training and learning
  • Commentary on interesting articles or book reviews
  • Reviews of interesting tools such as eLearning development tools, virtual classroom or Web conferencing tools, LMS tools, or mobile apps.
  • Organizations and companies doing cool and innovative things in training

 Other Projects

I also hope to indulge a bit my passion for teaching, particularly in science, through some new YouTube channels. These efforts are still in the planning stages, but as they get off the ground, I may share some of the more interesting efforts here.

 Plans for Future Posts

I’m hoping to start off by posting about once a week. That seems like a nice reasonable goal to start off with in terms of manageable time commitment and a focus on quality over quantity. As time goes on, I’ll evaluate from there based on time available and on whether the blog attracts any reader interest.