Concept: A VR tool for couples to reconnect

Relationships take work.

These days, the world is busy, and lives are busy. Our minds are scattered on a hundred different competing points of attention and little tasks to do. In a couple, one person will have his job, and the other will have hers, and attending to the details can be all-consuming.

As you pass through life, day after day, your mind tracks on a journey, your whole mindset bouncing and drifting over time as the waves of life come up against you. And you have your own daily concerns and challenges, and your parter has her own. If you don’t take the time to regularly reconnect and resync, it’s all too easy to drift off in different directions and end up on different pages. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to step away, together from this daily noise to be meaningfully together and rekindle that shared heartbeat, that shared engine that drives the ships in a shared direction underneath all this daily and weekly turmoil. We humans are forgetful, and benefit from reminders.

This can take many forms. A dinner out, a weekend away from the kids, a nice vacation together, some shared hobby. All of these are great ideas.

But, as always, I’m into technology, and like to think about the ways that tech can enhance our lives in weird and wonderful ways. And in this spirit, an interesting application of VR occurred to me recently.

Couples will have certain moments and places where they have shared sweet memories together. Places and times when they shared the best moments together, where they felt most in sync and in love. The place you first went out together. Your honeymoon. Some great weekend or vacation together. Reminding ourselves of these moments, and regularly creating new such moments is one of the ways you keep that connection fresh and alive.

Now imagine if you could take these places and moments, say from pictures and videos you have taken, and then somehow digitize the place into a 3D VR model. Then maybe add in some soundscapes that remind you of that place and time and incorporate that into the model. Then on some given night, instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix in that hour before bed, you can both put on the VR headset, and fire up this moment and sort of bring yourself back into that shared memory and mental state. Do that for 15, 20 minutes, and then take off the goggles and spend some time together IRL.

Log out of the world. Resync your signals. And then log back into reality and spend time together maybe a little more present to each other.

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